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A 1995 photo shows US human rights activist Harry Wu (C), standing between two Chinese policeman. After languishing 19 years in China’s forced labour camps, a Chinese dissident has set up a museum in Washington to highlight the “horrors and atrocities” in these secret detention facilities.


Dear Muci,


Thank you for visiting the Laogai Museum! We hope you continue the global discussion about the atrocities perpetrated by China's Communist regime, including its forced-labor prison system. We also hope that our museum has inspired you to consider the origins of many of the goods you buy "Made in China". It is highly possible they were manufactured by some of the 3-5 million enslaved prisoners in the 1,000 known Laogai. The U.S. government has the ever urgent responsibility to prevent the import of cheap forced-labor goods, so that your purchases do not ultimately fund the Laogai camps and the authoritarian government that runs them.


For updates and news on upcoming events at the Laogai Museum, check out our blog. For more information about the Laogai and how to get involved in the campaign against it, visit our foundation's website. You can also donate to the LRF here, tell your member of Congress and other representatives to block forced-labor goods from entering the U.S. market, and spread the word about the Laogai, China's other human rights abuses, and our museum in Washington, DC.


Our sincere thanks for your support. The grassroots movement for democracy, freedom, and justice in China is building.





Harry Wu

Founder & Executive Director

Laogai Museum & Laogai Research Foundation

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